INFLUMIXER events will provide our influencer attendees the opportunity to speak with some of the region’s most experience experts in influencer marketing, branding and communications.

Andrew Alexander
Owner, Philly Foodporn
A Philly- based writer for ten years, he’s covered the food and nightlife scene since he first moved to the city in 2007. He created the popular comedy blog called “It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia,” which featured the city’s best stand-up comedians and comedy events. After that he started Philly Foodporn in 2014 as a way to explore the city’s ever growing food and nightlife scene. Since it’s inception, Philly Foodporn – and its respective hashtag #PhillyFoodporn – has become a commonly referenced social phenomenon by countless foodies when looking for or eating great food across Philadelphia. As one of the first bloggers to do so, Andrew am often credited as one of the original influencer food bloggers on Instagram and have inspired countless foodies alike to start their own blogs and social media pages. When he’s not working on his own projects, Andrew acts as a consultant to local restaurants and other food bloggers on what kind of content they should be posting on their websites or social media accounts as well as general etiquette between influencers and the businesses they promote.

Melissa Alam
Owner, FearlessCon
is a multi-passionate digital and experiential brand designer and photographer based out of Philadelphia. She works with creative entrepreneurs and bold brands to create, design and execute strategies that increase sales, gain more exposure and inspire communities. Melissa is also the brains behind FearlessCon, an annual conference held in Philadelphia that hosts inspiring panels and business workshops for women who get sh*t done.

Bari Goldstein
Owner, Bari’s Belly
The founder, creative strategist, and content editor behind @Baris_Belly. Bari is a Philadelphia foodie and social influencer. Since 2015, she has specialized in curating high quality content in the food, beverage, and lifestyle industries. From styling and shooting photography to organizing influencer events, Bari is a guru, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer.

Taylor Schear
Founder & Owner, Sheer Media
Taylor Schear is the founder and owner of Sheer Media. Known for event production, influencer activations, and digital strategy, her client portfolio ranges from McDonald’s to Select Card. Her variety of work and background in influencer marketing brings a new twist to modern events. 

Jennifer Sherlock
President, Jenna Communications
Jenna Communications’ mission is to be the preferred media relations resource for small business owners and corporations by understanding how to leverage their company’s message, branding, and identity with the media.  

Open panelist positions are still available! If interested in speaking, please email or call (484) 885-0090.